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All the products manufactured by us are controlled and commercialized as per Japanese standards.

● R&D center of Kolmar Cosmetics (Suzhou) Co, Ltd. performs formula development with the support by 100 researchers of Nihon Kolmar Co., Ltd. in Japan.

● The network connecting between Suzhou and Japan enables us to share information in real-time.
One of Suzhou Kolmar's specialties is its information library with a century of cosmetic development and production know-how. The information is sorted and organized as a supporting system for all of our R&D facilities and factories, and is speedily processed by WAN/LAN as valuable database to be shared by each section. It makes it feasible to provide super-efficient ODM by promptly managing customers' needs with the integrated information system.

● The design and quality of all the products manufactured by us conforms to Japanese strict standards so that only quality products are commercialized.? We carry out thorough quality verification testings such as product stability, package compatibility, etc.

● We use only raw materials which comply with Japanese strict quality standards. Additionally, we use highly-refined water which is close to double-loop ultra pure water.

● The equipments for bulk manufacturing used in Suzhou Kolmar are same as the ones used in Nihon Kolmar's factories in Japan, thanks to which products commercialized in Japan can also be produced in Suzhou Kolmar.

● Filling and packaging equipments used here are made in Japan and comply with Japanese strict standards.

● We have private power-generating facilities in order to prevent delay in our production schedule in case of power shortage.